How Technology Can Help ASCs Recruit and Retain Top Surgical Talent

Well-known surgeons with strong reputations and high quality scores receive
more referrals from doctors, leading to a steady flow of patients at ASCs.

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How Technology Improves Successful ASC Patient Outcomes

It is essential for facilities to have the proper technology in place to support new procedure categories and to offer a satisfying patient experience.

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How to Increase Payments and Improve the Patient Journey

Patients who understand their medical bills and are offered flexible payment options are far more likely to pay them. The payments process must be centered around the patient’s needs.

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How ASCs Benefit by Offering a Seamless Patient Experience

More than ever, patients are taking control of their own healthcare decisions. This trend is expected to continue, making the patient journey more important to manage.

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How physician-owned ASCs can overcome staffing challenges

To safeguard against staffing shortages, ASCs must build team satisfaction and focus on instilling a strong company culture among team members. In addition, it is important to adopt digital solutions that automate manual tasks, improve efficiencies, and enhance workforce optimization.

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patient exploring payment options on laptop

Are the Patient Payment Options on Your Website a Dead End?

It is no secret that healthcare providers are struggling to streamline their cash flow because getting patients to pay in a timely fashion is not always an easy job. So, what can your facility do to make sure that patient payment options on your website will help mitigate patient fears and allow them to seek out care in a timely manner?

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Webinar Highlights

This on-demand program is approved for 1.0 hour of AEUs by BASC Provider #0242.

Webinar Highlights - Jun 2022

Webinar: ASC Administrator's Guide to Success

Healthcare Consumerism Webinar Highlights - Jan 2022

How Healthcare Consumerism Will Impact Your Surgical Facility in 2022

Live + On-Demand Webinar | March 28th

How to Reduce Cancellations at Your ASC

To deliver quality patient care and reduce the number of preventable cancellations, it is imperative for ASCs to have a winning strategy that is based on accurate data. Join us on Tuesday, March 28th for a 25-minute webinar where we will discuss how facilities can reduce cancellations.


This program is approved for 1 hour of Administrator Education Units (AEUs) by BASC Provider #0242.