[Aliso Viejo, CA] — One Mnet Health, an industry leader in innovative financial services and technology for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASC), and other healthcare providers is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Acmeware, data experts with leading EHR, MEDITECH.

This collaboration promises to revolutionize the ease of implementation with little to no need for expansive IT assistance, thanks to Acmeware, and makes it simpler for Hospitals to get paid more, sooner, by working with One Mnet Health to improve patient payments and reduce bad debt.

This partnership comes at a time when healthcare providers are seeking efficient and user-friendly strategies for:

Simplified Integration: Thanks to Acmeware’s expertise, One Mnet Health’s financial services can be seamlessly integrated into a client’s existing EHR system with minimal disruption. This means quicker onboarding and a shorter time to value.

Improved Patient Payments: Once implemented, One Mnet Health equals a budget positive investment, with no implementation fee, no monthly, or annual fee. Additionally, this arrangement is 100% contingency based. And with more cash being collected in the first 90-days of patient responsibility, this also means that fewer patients and dollars get sent to collections.

Enhanced Patient Experience: One Mnet Health’s technology enables patients to understand their financial responsibility and pay their balances with ease. Patients can easily make a payment in full or browse self-serve payment options online. Additionally, One Mnet Health have created their own proprietary technology platform that enables them to offer the right payment options to the right patients, communicate at the best time, and match the most qualified call center agent to the unique needs of each patient account.

Patients are supported by two call centers with over 18 years of experience, one for Balance After Insurance support, the second for Bad Debt support. All support agents are live, US-based, and are specially trained to work as an extension of your business office so patients feel they are communicating with your organization. They also assist patients in sourcing FSA/HSA accounts, and work from 8am-8pm M-F, and on Saturday from 9am-3pm.

One Mnet Health’s CRO, James Ryan, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Acmeware represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing accessible financial services. This partnership underscores our dedication to simplifying the implementation process for our clients, enabling them to leverage our services quickly and effectively.”

Acmeware’s CEO, Glen D’Abate, added, “We are excited to partner with One Mnet Health to enhance the accessibility of their financial services for Hospitals using a leading EHR like MEDITECH. Our technical expertise and 25 years of experience with the MEDITECH Data Repository will ensure that clients can easily implement One Mnet Health’s solutions.”

Both companies are already seeing the positive impact of this partnership and are excited to help more clients drive business growth and efficiency.

For more information about One Mnet Health and Acmeware’s partnership, please visit One Mnet Health’s Website or contact their Marketing Director at jared.nichols@onemnethealth.com.

About Acmeware:
Acmeware is a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions, specializing in optimizing Meditech systems. With a focus on delivering exceptional products, services, and support, Acmeware empowers healthcare organizations with superior information to make knowledgeable decisions. For more information, visit acmeware.com.

About One Mnet Health:
One Mnet Health equips healthcare providers with the solutions and services needed to deliver quality patient care and maximize financial outcomes. Leveraging our data-driven technology and insights will improve operational efficiency, decrease cancellations, reduce staff burden, increase payment results, and provide patients with a personalized experience that fosters greater satisfaction and engagement. For more information, visit onemnethealth.com.

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