One Mnet Health, an industry leader in innovative clinical software and financial services for ambulatory surgery centers (ASC), hospitals and other healthcare providers, is thrilled to announce the release of a market-leading solution that helps providers predict and prevent surgical case cancellations.

Patient cancellations pose a significant challenge to healthcare providers nationwide, leading to disrupted schedules, decreased productivity, compromised patient care, and ultimately, lost revenue. On average, more than 20% of cases scheduled in an ASC result in cancellations. While many facilities only evaluate and manage their same-day cancellation volumes, any cancellation that occurs and is not backfilled can result in $3,000 or more of lost revenue per case. Even small percentage reductions in cancellation rates or improved backfill success can result in 6 figure savings for most ASCs.

One Mnet Health is leading the way for surgeons to improve the productivity of their ORs and is building unique capabilities that allow OR leaders to approach patient cancellations differently. One Mnet Health’s innovative new product, Cancellation Prediction™, leverages AI and machine learning technologies in combination with their proprietary algorithm to prospectively identify cases with an elevated risk of cancellation, organizing cases by schedule, risk level and surgeon for nursing teams to track and manage.

One Mnet Health is uniquely positioned to tackle this issue due to their rich data assets, representing millions of records translated into a powerful normalized dataset that fuels predictive capabilities. By integrating clinical, financial and operational datasets, One Mnet Health’s machine learning algorithm not only forecasts cancellations with more than 85% accuracy, it also provides personalized insights into how facilities can individually support their patients to prevent cancellations in the first place.

Having access to this vast source of data is what enables One Mnet Health’s new proprietary algorithm to analyze more than 40 unique patient attributes to help healthcare teams quickly understand and visualize the risk factors that are specific to each case. Now, rather than evaluating cancellation risk by procedure alone, care teams can easily analyze correlations among everything from barriers to access, financial concerns, social determinants of health, and more.

Since this new product gives clarity on the primary cancellation drivers at a patient level, personalized intervention pathways are created for each potential cancellation that enable providers to intelligently intervene and engage patients via individualized messages or through recommended topics that need to be addressed when calling a patient. Having this level of detail gives providers the ability to either prevent a case from being cancelled or identify if a backfill is required.

While facilities typically run standard pre-op processes to confirm all of their cases, these processes treat each patient and case in an identical manner, failing to target specific patient needs and underlying risks. This causes staff to spend more time than needed on cases that are very unlikely to be cancelled.

Now, with Cancellation Prediction™, care teams can view their cases categorized into three levels of risk – high, medium, and low – helping them focus on the cases with the highest risk and tightest timelines. This results in better utilization of operating room block time, more efficient ways for staff to collaboratively address risks, reduction in cancelled cases, the ability to handle case volumes more effectively, and provide a significant decrease in lost revenue.

“We are thrilled to unveil this game-changing solution that addresses one of the most pressing challenges faced by healthcare providers today,” said Derek Smith, CEO of One Mnet Health. “By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning technologies, Cancellation Prediction™ is setting a new standard for the way providers can address case cancellations.”

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