How ASCs can transform the patient experience

In the past, healthcare was straightforward – when an appointment was absolutely necessary, patients went to a doctor they trusted and were treated for what was wrong, without questioning the medical advice they received. Today, patients have access to a wide range of healthcare options, can research their symptoms, and choose when and where they want treatment. As the experience of healthcare has changed in many ways, it is important to ensure your ASC has also evolved to stay ahead of patient expectations.


Greater Communication

The Covid-19 pandemic was a large driver of these changes. The pandemic motivated patients to be more proactive about their own care; patients are now looking for information about safety protocols, expecting a higher standard of sanitation and diligence. Today’s patients expect to be informed and treated like individuals, not medical charts, and won’t settle for any communication breakdown.

It is important for your ASC to ensure your patients are informed about what you’re doing to protect them so they don’t go elsewhere. Software that streamlines ASC processes and workflow, such as ONEFlow, can help create better channels of communication about safety and protocols to patients and their families during the surgery and recovery process. By augmenting channels of communication, your patients will feel better supported throughout their entire episode of care.   


Improved Patient Education

Today’s surgical patients are savvier than previous generations when it comes to medical procedures. They can turn to the internet for information and aren’t afraid to ask questions. Help equip your patients with answers to frequently asked questions, procedure best practices and expectations, and other guides with digital educational materials and interactive web experiences. An informed patient is more likely to follow through on pre-surgical preparation, proper at-home care, and adhere to essential recovery measures, including physical therapy protocols.

You want your patients’ source of information to be your ASC, not a questionable website with outdated or wrong information. One Mnet Health’s instructional videos educate patients and give them detailed, step-by-step care instructions for before, during, and after surgery.


Preferred Method of Communication

Appointments made or confirmed through phone calls and snail mail are more prone to being missed or canceled, making these methods of communication relics of the past. Automated scheduling and communication software ensures your patients won’t forget an appointment, and customized emails and texts can provide helpful reminders, including the patient’s financial responsibility and what payment options are available. Not only do these tools help support your administrative staff, but they provide the actionable information and transparency that today’s patients have come to expect. 


Patient Power

Patients have never been more powerful than in the digital age. With a rise in healthcare consumerism, patients expect more efficient and cost effective care, with detailed answers to their questions. ASCs will have to be prepared to provide easily accessible appropriate medical and financial information.

A patient’s experience can also make or break the reputation and success of ASCs. Reviews on Facebook and public review sites can reach thousands of people with just a few clicks on the keyboard. It’s a powerful incentive for doctors and ASCs to give each patient customized care, thoughtful amenities, and all the information they need to recover fully and pay their bill.

Patient experiences have changed dramatically over the last few decades, and even more so during the last few years. In order to ensure the patient experience continues to evolve in positive and mutually beneficial ways, it is important for your ASC to embrace digital tools that support personalized, transparent care. Our solutions are designed to simultaneously support caregivers while improving the patient experience. Find out how One Mnet Health can help you reach your full ASC potential.

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