Healthcare consumerism is gaining momentum every day. Today, patients expect convenience, access, transparency, and control from all their transactions – including those related to surgical care. This growing momentum around the consumerization of healthcare is creating greater challenges for health systems and ASCs, which are expected to provide a seamless, easy-to-use digital patient experience.

With the freedom to manage their own healthcare decisions, consumers have a greater ability to switch providers when things don’t go quite right, from inadequate online registration options to limited payment portal functionalities. When it comes to same-day surgical appointments, it is crucial to offer a seamless journey that includes education, online access, quality ratings and other pertinent information that prospective patients seek when shopping for surgical care. According to Deloitte, 53% of U.S. consumers said they would likely use tools that allow them to compare quality and satisfaction scores. Another 50% said they would examine safety data regarding medications or treatments.  In addition, about one-third of patients downloaded their medical records from a portal in 2020, nearly double the rate from 2017.

Without an efficient solution to provide navigation, education, data intake, payment reminders, and more, the burden falls squarely on the shoulders of overworked front office staff and care teams. When factors like staff burnout or staffing shortages start to impact patient outcomes and quality ratings, potential consumers may go elsewhere. 

Health systems, including surgical care facilities, can no longer ignore the rapidly evolving expectations of savvy healthcare consumers who expect more information and greater visibility. To meet these demands, avoid patient fallout, and enhance the patient journey, the healthcare industry must find innovative ways to address patient needs and expectations. This includes deploying software that supports healthcare providers by offering intuitive, customizable and seamless patient journeys designed to support front-office staff, financial, and care teams alike. 

For example, Oneflow bridges the gap between a patient’s clinical and financial journey by uniting our three core solutions — Medical Passport, Engage and Payments, resulting in improved patient satisfaction, greater engagement and up to two times increased patient payments. Our solutions also alleviate the burden of manual tasks on existing staff, which save time, increase accuracy and improve communication.

Medical Passport is a digital patient registration solution that simplifies the pre-op information gathering process. By having patients enter their health history in advance, Medical Passport increases the accuracy of information, reduces cancellations by approximately 4%, and saves about 20 minutes per patient, enabling staff to spend more time caring for patients.

Engage is an automated patient engagement solution that streamlines communication before and after surgery. Engage provides standardized and individualized communication to improve patient satisfaction and increase patient compliance by sending custom-tailored messages to patients. This alleviates the burden of having healthcare personnel complete these tasks.

Payments is a patient-centric financial solution to help patients understand their financial responsibility. If a patient needs help paying a bill, or needs more time to pay, our Payments solution offers flexible payment plans and financing options. Clearer and more transparent costs improve patient cooperation and facilitate a more positive patient experience. 

Together, Medical Passport, Engage and Payments offer a unique and comprehensive program by which surgical centers may improve the accessibility and visibility of their services, leading to a better patient journey and stronger revenues. For example, One Mnet Health extends accessibility by having agents that can communicate in 200 different languages. These kinds of offerings are crucial in today’s healthcare market, where consumerism is growing in importance. 

Those facilities that fail to recognize this trend risk losing patient revenue. However, those organizations that embrace these solutions stand to gain a competitive advantage by enhancing the overall patient experience.

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