Ambulatory Surgery Centers are growing in popularity. More individuals every year realize they can get top-quality health care at a reasonable price without having to check into a hospital. Surgeons are also increasingly opting for ASCs over hospitals for various procedures. How do you get these patients and new surgeons to choose your ASC over others in your area? 


Look the Part

When patients are considering surgery, they are reassured when an ASC looks professional and state-of-the-art. Make sure your building’s exterior looks well-kept and professional. Properly maintained parking, attractive landscaping, and safe sidewalks make an excellent first impression. The inside of your ASC should be inviting, clean, and comfortable. Worn-out furniture, dingy walls, and chipped paint give the impression you don’t care about patients’ comfort or that you are struggling financially. Some people will assume that you won’t take care of your patients if you don’t take care of your ASC. Surgeons prefer working in an ASC that looks good because it reflects on them and boosts their reputation.


Keep Your Software Up to Date

Slow or inefficient processes and record-keeping are frustrating for surgeons and staff, so be sure you’re using the latest and best software for everything from pre-registration to medical records. The right software (preferably explicitly tailored to the needs of Ambulatory Surgery Centers) streamlines processes, increases your ASC’s efficiency, and enables you to perform more procedures each week. It can also improve patient interaction and timely bill payment, particularly if you offer payment reminders.


Make Patients Comfortable

When patients are put at ease, treated with dignity, and go through their surgeries with minimal fuss, they tell their friends. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to get the word out that your ASC offers the best possible care, and happy patients are one of your best sources of advertising. Patients are more likely to return to your ASC when they need another procedure if their experience was a pleasant one.

Train your nurses and other staff members to make eye contact with patients, be personable, and take the time to answer questions from patients. Adding small touches of comfort such as extra pillows, low lights, and music or television in the recovery room also increases patient satisfaction. Providing patient education materials both before and after surgery improves recovery and puts patients at ease. The more information available to them, the more confidence they have in the ASC and their surgeon.


Foster Cooperation and Staff Satisfaction

Monthly meetings to discuss the concerns of the staff and surgeons can dramatically improve operations at your ASC if problems are appropriately addressed. Offer enjoyable ways to de-compress to avoid having staff members who are too stressed to perform well. Letting your employees have a bit of fun and celebrating achievements will create a family-like atmosphere that encourages helping and supporting each other.


Scout for New Talent

New surgeons moving to your area and surgeons fresh out of rotation can be valuable assets to take your facility to the next level. Watch for announcements, read regional medical journals, and network with area hospitals. Make sure any surgeons who bring a specific procedure or specialty to the table are taken on a tour of your Ambulatory Surgery Center. Fill them in on the advantages of your ASC and why it’s the best option for their patients. Any time a new surgeon comes on board at your facility, it enhances your ASC’s reputation.

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