It’s summertime, when most people think about vacations and enjoying the weather, not having outpatient surgery. Keep the revenue at your ASC from taking a nosedive during the summer months by focusing on ways to keep your facility operating at total capacity and ensure prompt, full payment for procedures.

Price Transparency

When patients are considering a procedure, make sure they clearly understand the costs so they can plan ahead to pay for it. You don’t want patients canceling elective procedures because the price tag blindsides them. If you let them know from the outset how much it will cost, they can prepare rather than dipping into their vacation funds. When patients know what to expect, they are more likely to find the money needed and more likely to move ahead with the procedure. You’ll also spend less time following up with patients about past-due bills, cutting your overhead, and freeing up your staff for other tasks. You can learn more about the importance of clear, upfront pricing from our article, “Why Price Transparency is Key in an ASC Setting.”

Stay on Top of Safety Measures

Just about everyone is tired of the Coronavirus and the many safety procedures required to ensure public health. It’s tempting to slack off on enhanced COVID protocols as restrictions are lifted, and more people are vaccinated. But this is often when things leap backward. Staying on top of safety measures and making sure your staff and surgeons continue to be vigilant about proper safety guidelines can prevent unpleasant consequences. It takes just one patient with COVID to shut down your ASC and tank your revenue stream.

Crack Down on Budget Bloat

Every Ambulatory Surgery Center gets into a habit of ordering supplies based on past orders. While the previous stocking of your ASC’s shelves can be baseline, it shouldn’t prevent you from updating and streamlining your supplies. Cost overruns can sometimes be traced to overstocking supplies, reducing revenue dramatically. Periodically review any automatic orders you have in place with vendors to make sure they still match up with what your facility needs and uses. If you’re doing fewer procedures of one type but more of another, don’t simply add the new supplies to your vendor orders; remove the supplies you no longer need.

Pre-op phone calls and taking down patient information can also impact revenue. Using  online pre-admission software reduces staff time spent on the phone, freeing them up for other activities. Revenue will increase as efficiency improves.

Create Outstanding Patient Experiences

You can increase revenue significantly if each patient recommends your ASC to someone who needs outpatient surgery. Referrals come from patients who have had an exceptional experience at your facility. Provide every patient with a seamless, reassuring experience from the time they consult with their surgeon to when they leave with post-op care instructions. Make registration easy with online pre-admission, provide a welcoming waiting area for them and their families, make sure the staff talks to each patient as an individual, not a number. Learn each patient’s name, take the time to talk one-on-one, and be sure their fears are allayed. Knowledge also enhances each patient’s experience and gives them the tools they need to feel confident in their surgeon. Developing customized videos to educate your ASC patients helps their recovery and provides peace of mind. Patients who feel they received exceptional care are comfortable recommending your facility to their family and friends.

Reduce Cancellations

Every cancellation reduces revenue. Wasted staff time, booked surgical suites that aren’t used, the surgeon’s time, and unused supplies all drain your ASC when a patient cancels their procedure at the last minute. Miscommunication is often the culprit. If patients don’t understand their pre-op instructions, including what they can or can’t eat before surgery, which medications they can take, and whether they need transportation after surgery, procedures may have to be delayed or canceled. In some cases, patients never reschedule. Others may decide to use another ASC if they feel that your facility miscommunicated or contributed to the confusion. One Medical Passport solutions can help you reduce cancellations by making registration more accessible and providing detailed pre-op and post-op instructions for every patient.

Increasing revenue this summer at your ASC is achievable by responsibly reducing costs and making sure potential patients know your facility is the best option for them. Safety, efficiency, and thoughtful care are all part of the equation.

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