An aging population and a rise in gastrointestinal issues in the population have both increased the need for endoscopic procedures that are safe and affordable. Ambulatory Surgery Centers are poised to step in and fill the need. However, there are vital factors that contribute to the success of GI/Endo programs in ASCs.

Recruiting Efforts are Crucial

The need for them far outstrips the number of graduating gastroenterologists, and as the population ages, the gap will increase. Don’t expect to quickly find physicians who will be happy to work at your facility. If you are pursuing a relationship with a gastroenterologist, start networking months in advance. Develop a favorable contract for both parties, and make sure you’re offering perks that are truly valuable to the doctors you’re considering. It’s a highly competitive market, and you won’t get the best and most established GI/Endo specialists with a mediocre offer.

The Right Software Streamlines Procedures

An efficient, streamlined process means your ASC can schedule more procedures and offer a greater variety of endoscopic procedures. Using patient tracking software that displays patient information throughout your facility makes it easier and more efficient to track patient progress and know where everyone is at any time. Big Board allows your staff to change start times, amend patient status, and assign team members anywhere in your ASC with instant updates on monitors throughout your facility.


Constantly Evaluate

Offering GI/Endo procedures at your ASC can boost revenue and improve your reputation in the medical community, but only if you’re doing it right. Complacency isn’t acceptable, particularly with more facilities offering common GI/Endo procedures every year. Frequently evaluating your ASC’s performance and patient satisfaction will increase your reputation and success.

Be sure to track everything from the cost of supplies to your staff’s satisfaction level. Evaluating your scheduling procedures compared to the turn-around at your facility can help you spot bottlenecks or dead space so that you can fine-tune your workflow. While supply costs are an obvious consideration, high employee turnover, and inefficient scheduling can also have a profound impact on your bottom line and create inefficiencies that detract from your ASC’s reputation. Keep ahead of minor problems before they become significant issues by regularly evaluating your Ambulatory Surgery Center’s metrics.


Catering to Patient Comfort and Satisfaction

No one likes having a GI problem or undergoing an endoscopic procedure. Many individuals actively avoid undergoing a colonoscopy or other procedure because they are scared, worried, or uninformed. Be sure your patients are informed and minimize their fear and discomfort by making the entire process easier and educating them.

Old-school scheduling by phone can be frustrating for patients with busy lives. When there is no convenient time to call and schedule or they have to leave a message, they may give up and not bother. Online scheduling makes it easy for patients to schedule at their convenience and minimizes their frustration. They are less likely to procrastinate if a procedure can be scheduled with just a few clicks. Offering online pre-admissions also makes it simpler for patients and minimizes their time in the office before their procedures.

Patients reminders and helpful patient educational materials minimize stress and alleviate patients’ fears, both of which contribute to their confidence in your ASC’s GI/Endo expertise. A positive experience and trust that you are providing top-level care will result in referrals and return patients, both of which will contribute to a successful GI/Endo practice at your ASC.

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