Modern facilities have a number of challenges to tackle on any given day. The ultimate challenge is to figure out how to keep improving your services, increasing patient satisfaction, as well as running an efficient and profitable ASC without bankrupting your most valuable resource — time.

Time is by far the most important resource any facility has — so what if there was a guaranteed easy way of maximizing it?

By improving your facility’s efficiency with the right technological solutions, you will be able to maximize time and invest it in what your facility really needs — innovation, patient engagement, reducing staff burden and so on. We provide three major digital solutions that can help your facility achieve that.

Created to make the pre-admission process easier and safer, our patient registration solution, Medical Passport, is a time-saver for both you and your patients. High-risk patients are flagged immediately saving your facility the hassle of canceled or delayed cases — in fact, facilities report a 4 percent decrease in cancellations and no-shows. In the meantime, patients are free to fill out their medical history online from the comfort of their homes, saving your facility at least 20 minutes per patient.

Engage is an automated patients engagement solution that helps you stay connected with your patients and makes overall communication experience feel more smooth and seamless. Engage standardizes and individualizes communication channels which keeps patients constantly informed by sending out custom-tailored automated reminders, not only improving patient satisfaction, but alleviating staff burden to save you heaps of time.

As a financial solution, Payments helps patients understand their financial responsibility and enables them to set up flexible payment plans to pay their bills in a timely manner. The fact remains that patients who are informed about their financial responsibility ahead of time are more likely to pay their bills, reducing uncertainty and financial pressure on healthcare providers. With software that sends out financial alerts and helps patients create plans that make sense for them, your facility no longer needs to track payments down, which, in turn, improves your efficiency and maximizes your time.