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2 nurses navigating staffing shortage

How ASCs Can Navigate Major Staffing Shortages

Is your facility being affected by the staffing shortage of nurses? See how One Mnet Health can help you free up your employees and resources.

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Is Your Patient Experience Fitting for Stars?

ASCs need to continue striving to make their surgical facilities the safest and best option for their patients. Read what top ASCs do to stay focused on their patient experience.

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Staying Ahead Amidst Postponed Elective Surgeries

Having an RCM partner focus on the patient financial experience can free up limited staff. Find out how we can help you.

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3 Digital Tools to Maximize Your ASC Revenue

Implementing these three digital tools will maximize your revenue and increase patient satisfaction. Find out how they benefit you.

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3 Things for ASCs to Consider When Ramping Up Case Volumes

It’s great to see many Ambulatory Surgery Centers ramping back up. Here are a few helpful tips we would like to share with you...

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How Hospitals and ASCs Are Affected During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As coronavirus continues its spread across the US, hospitals, and health systems are bracing for the influx of patients with COVID-19. Healthcare providers nationwide are now making adjustments and new protocols to ensure patient safety. Here’s how the situation is affecting hospitals and surgery centers across the US.

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3 Challenges Facing ASC’s and Tips to Overcome Them

With patients having more financial responsibility for their healthcare, outpatient settings like surgery centers are becoming more attractive to patients. In general, procedures at ASC’s are 35% to 50% than hospitals. This steady growth for ASC’s presents new opportunities but will also present some new challenges as well. What are the major challenges?

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Webinar Highlights

This on-demand program is approved for 1.0 hour of AEUs by BASC Provider #0242.

Webinar Highlights - Jun 2022

Webinar: ASC Administrator's Guide to Success

Healthcare Consumerism Webinar Highlights - Jan 2022

How Healthcare Consumerism Will Impact Your Surgical Facility in 2022