The Proactive Patient Payment Strategies That Successful ASCs & Other Healthcare Facilities Adopt

Healthcare payment is an area ripe for transformation, especially in the settings patients favor most. Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are one of those sites, offering procedural quality and convenience at a significantly lower cost. To continue delivering these advantages, ASCs must efficiently manage their own growth, while offering an exceptional patient experience.

The journey you choose for your practice is the journey you choose for your patients. Make it the right one. For high volume ASCs, comprehensive operational management includes surgical volumes, revenue cycle management, staffing retention, and technology strategy. These decisions have a direct impact on the patient journey, which includes payment. It is just as important that your financial strategies be customer centered as your clinical ones. The best approaches start before your patient has surgery and continue through post-operative engagement.

With the right patient payment strategies, today’s ASCs can take advantage of organic industry growth and realize their full potential—whether they are physician, equity, or hospital owned.

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