The patients at your ASC are your most valuable asset. Without individuals turning to your Ambulatory Surgery Center for procedures, you’d be out of business. When patients use your facility, it’s vital to foster loyalty and thank them for using your ASC. At this time of year, when everyone is more rushed, it’s particularly important to show your patients how thankful you are for them.


Pleasant Atmosphere

Create welcoming and comfortable waiting rooms and recovery rooms. To take it beyond nice furniture and a pretty paint job, invest in small touches to make life easier and less stressful before and after surgery. Charging stations throughout the waiting area is a thoughtful gesture patients will undoubtedly remember. Offer free Wi-Fi; some patients need to log into work or check messages, and a reliable Internet connection helps them do that.


Complimentary Beverage Station

Family members in the waiting room and patients in recovery can benefit from having a complimentary beverage station offering coffee/hot tea/water. Sipping a warm drink is comforting and can give patients and loved ones a sense of normalcy. It also lets people know you’re thankful for their presence and want them to be comfortable. Just be sure patients are aware of what they are allowed to drink before and after procedures!


Thank You Gifts

Many offices give away freebies simply because they are branded. While that’s good advertising, unless you’ve put a lot of thought into the gifts, they are often tossed. Shop until you find gifts that will be genuinely appreciated and used. Patients enjoy any gift that helps them recover, such as stress balls and small exercise gadgets. A mug with your ASC’s name and number on it is nice, particularly if you fill it with herbal tea bags for a soothing cup at home. Patients recovering from minor surgery also appreciate skincare lotion and other self-care items. Don’t forget to brand them and include a short message such as, “We appreciate you choosing us for your care.”


Respond to Their Reviews

Patients who take the time to review your ASC online should be responded to regardless of whether their review is good or bad. It’s imperative to validate your customers’ feelings and concerns. When coupled with an offer to help resolve the situation, a respectful, thoughtful reply to criticism may turn a former ASC patient into a return one. Responding to positive reviews to say, “Thanks, we appreciate you and are glad you’re happy and have healed,” or something similar will send an unmistakable message – patients matter long after they’ve left your ASC.


Give Thanks at Every Opportunity

When you call to follow up with a patient after surgery, always end the call by thanking the patient for choosing your facility. Not just when they make an appointment, but after they’ve gone home. Let patients know you care for them and appreciate their trust in your Ambulatory Surgery Center.


Greeting Cards

Whether it’s Thanksgiving wishes, Happy Hanukkah, or Merry Christmas, it’s worth it to invest in greeting cards to send to your patients. A simple holiday wish and note thanking each patient for using your facility and best wishes for the new year is a thoughtful gesture. People like knowing their ASC remembers them as individuals.



Hosting a weekly or monthly drawing is easy. Each time a patient comes in for an appointment, test, or procedure, have them put their name in a fishbowl or basket, then draw a winner each week or month. Choose gifts such as a $50 gift card for a local restaurant for a weekly drawing. If you draw once a month, look for something more substantial, like a tablet or gift card for a hotel stay.

The success of your ASC hinges mainly on the satisfaction and recovery of your patients. This Thanksgiving and during the upcoming holiday season, take some time to let them know you see them and value them.