Ambulatory Surgery Center patients are often uneasy, especially if it is their first time having surgery. For some patients, it may be the first time they’ve had surgery outside of a traditional hospital setting; for others, it is fear of the unknown. Addressing the most common worries patients have when at your ASC can go a long way toward successful recovery.


Worries About Post-Covid Infection Rates

The Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed how people look at the link between infection and illness. While vaccines have gone a long way toward protecting individuals, ASC patients may fear that they could catch the disease from others or fall prey to other types of infections.

Carefully explain your ASC’s infection prevention protocols. Answer their questions about all safety procedures and reassure them that the staff is doing everything possible to maintain a sanitary environment. Whenever you perform a task that helps prevent infection, explain what you’re doing to the patient. Understanding what’s going on is reassuring. If your staff is all vaccinated and taking precautions, point this out as well.


Concerned About Financial Burdens

ASC patients sometimes worry as much about the cost of surgery as they do the procedure itself. This can be detrimental to recovery, so notify them ahead of time regarding the cost of their surgery. You’ll give them time to plan ahead and pay the expenses before surgery, giving them one less thing to worry about. If payment plans are available, review the details with them in advance so they can set up automatic payments if needed. Knowing the financial end of things is under control before they arrive for surgery takes away one worry and puts your patients more at ease moving forward.


Worried About Their Recovery

When patients express concerns about whether they will make a full recovery, make sure you make them partners in that recovery. Emphasize that full recovery depends not only on the surgical staff but on the patients and their willingness to take part in their own care. Stress the importance of carefully following all post-operative care instructions and doing all the exercises/physical therapy prescribed. Send them educational tips via text and email to make it easier for them and alleviate their concerns. The more informed they are, the less uneasy they will be about their treatment.


Fearful of the Unknown

First-time ASC patients bring their fear of the unknown with them. Not knowing what to expect leads to fear of the “what ifs” of surgery. Take particular time and care with patients who have not had surgery before at your facility. Walk them through the process, clearly outlining not only what is done but why it is done. Introduce them to the nurses and other care staff to put them at ease and remind them of your ASC’s excellent reputation and experience. Don’t forget to commend the surgeons and outline why they are so good at their jobs.

Uneasy or scared patients may not recover as quickly or as well as patients who are put at ease. Taking the time to address their concerns and put them at ease will improve their chances of full recovery. The patients will be grateful and happier with your ASC, which is a plus for everyone.

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