In times like this, it is especially critical to pay attention to basic hygienic measures and consistently practice them in your facility. Here are some tips to keep your staff on board with managing and fighting COVID-19.
Masks for patients and other barrier precautions are of course recommended, but enhanced hand hygiene and surface decontamination are the key  to safety. The coronavirus is known to live on surfaces for hours or even days. The good news? Available disinfectant products are effective in killing the virus (when properly used.)
It’s important for health care personnel to focus on meticulous hand hygiene, which in turn avoids contaminating work spaces. Clinical staff should clean these spaces with hospital provided disinfectants or alcohol-based disinfectants. Be sure to wipe down  personal items too; such as stethoscopes, mobile phones, keyboards, tablets, and any high traffic areas.
Remember: active decontamination is not merely a technical issue. It is also a measure that reassures stressed and concerned caregivers, patients, and visitors during these difficult times.