It’s been a challenging year for Ambulatory Surgery Centers. The unprecedented spread of a new virus, financial woes for patients, and continuing changes in how insurance companies treat ASCs for outpatient surgery have all had their impact. Moving into 2021, the success of any ASC hinges on preserving patient safety and satisfaction.  

Focus on Improved Patient Safety 

The Coronavirus continues to be a significant concern at ASCs. Ensuring patient safety means strictly following the most recent Covid-19 guidelines and continually educating staff. The additional focus on patient safety has precipitated a shift from hospital outpatient surgery to ASCs, where there is less chance of exposure to the virus and, in most cases, shorter stays for patients.  

Ambulatory Surgery Centers must protect the staff as well. Part of the focus needs to be mental as well as physical health. Employee burnout is a genuine problem that will continue into the new year. When employees feel overwhelmed, patient satisfaction and safety drop. Ensuring all employees feel valued and protected is essential in 2021. One way to show your employees you value them is by making their lives easier. Collaborative booking software streamlines the OR booking process, simplifies the process, and minimizes the risk of booking errors, creating a more positive environment for your employees and increasing patient satisfaction. 

Increase Patient Communication 

Improved communication with patients will also be critical in 2021. Patient engagement software enhances patient satisfaction in a number of ways, including: 

  • Improved communication between doctor and patient 
  • Fewer missed appointments 
  • Increased compliance with pre-op guidelines 
  • Reminders for post-op care for improved outcomes 

Patient engagement software ties medical records to an email system that allows ASCs to reach out to patients before and after procedures with targeted communications. These emails give each patient an individualized experience focused on their specific needs, from confirming appointments to providing reminders for follow-up care. By customizing emails based on criteria such as the type of procedure, the doctor or surgeon, and each patient’s medical profile, you give each patient the personalized attention they deserve. Patient satisfaction increases when the approach is individualized. Patient engagement software provides the experience using easily customizable templates, freeing up your staff for other activities. 

Streamline Your Patient Processes 

Individuals who are facing any kind of surgery are understandably apprehensive. The time leading up to surgery can be highly stressful. Patients worry about surgical outcomes, how safe they will be in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (particularly during the current pandemic), and whether everything will go smoothly. Streamlining patient procedures such as pre-op registration will relieve patients of some of their worry while also minimizing patient processing costs. With online pre-admissions, patients can provide necessary information at their own convenience rather than waiting for a phone call from the ASC. Automated registration can be tailored to each patient’s demographics, eliminating redundant or irrelevant questions from the process. Staff at the surgery center are also relieved of the burden of lengthy phone calls and possible input errors based on telephone conversations. The right software flags potential risk factors on patient registrations, minimizing risk, and improving patient safety. 

In 2021, patient satisfaction will be crucial to your ASC’s success. Savvy consumers understand that patient safety is closely linked with how well an ASC handles everything from pre-op registration to communication with their doctor or surgeon. Using comprehensive ambulatory surgery software can ensure your success through patient confidence and employee satisfaction. Take the first step by scheduling a free demonstration by One Medical Passport, a leader in the latest ASC software solutions.