In this day and age, creating a seamless patient journey is not an easy job. While by and large the patient experience depends on staff, they cannot be expected to do everything on their own. When staff are overworked without enough personnel to provide assistance, patient experience — and hence patient satisfaction — suffers.

Under normal circumstances, at least 37% of nurses and doctors reported burnout due to spending too many hours at work. The situation grew significantly more dire during the Covid-19 pandemic when, according to a poll conducted by The Washington Post, 6 in 10 healthcare providers reported severe burnout, while 3 in 10 heavily considered leaving their chosen careers.

The Washington Post reported further that many healthcare providers are disillusioned with how the pandemic was managed and exposed the broken parts of America’shealthcare system. One doctor who left his clinical career behind stated: “You look at staffing, preparedness, what the priorities were for many hospitals during the crisis, and it’s clear the industry is driven by profits rather than the well-being of patients or health workers”.

A seamless patient journey depends on facilities that alleviate staff burden and implement software that works for them — not against them. Our three main solutions operate together seamlessly to improve patient satisfaction, provide preoperative and postoperative support, as well as help alleviate the burden on staff.

Medical Passport is a digital patient registration solution that makes pre-op information gathering easier. By entering all needed information in advance, medical passport increases the general accuracy of information, reduces cancellation by approximately 4%, and saves about 20 minutes per patient, allowing staff to spend more time caring for patients.

Engage is an automated patient engagement solution that was created to streamline communication before and after surgery. Everything ultimately comes down to communication — it can either create trust and transparency with your patient or dampen — if not outright spoil — their entire experience with your facility. Engage provides standardized and individualized communication to improve patient satisfaction, and increase patient compliance by sending custom-tailored messages to patients while alleviating this burden from healthcare personnel.

Finally, Payments is a patient-centric financial solution designed to help patients understand their financial responsibility. This system helps patients set up flexible payment plans and financing options while increasing payment stability of the healthcare provider by extension. Clearer and more transparent costs improve patient cooperation and facilitate a more positive patient experience overall. Together, these strategies offer a unique and comprehensive program by which healthcare providers may improve the accessibility and visibility of their services for patients.