Prior to deploying One Medical Passport, Jefferson Surgery Center relied on nursing staff to phone patients in advance of a procedure to gather their preoperative medical history. Each of these calls took an average of one hour per patient because many patients were often unprepared and lacked the necessary information when receiving the call. Repeated calls to patients were often necessary as it was common for them to be unavailable. This communication process was inefficient, time-consuming and costly.

A staff member at Jefferson Surgery Center learned of One Medical Passport when she had a procedure done at another facility. Amazed with how quick and easy the pre-op experience was, the staff member alerted colleagues and management. The team recognized the opportunity and  decided to implement One Medical Passport at Jefferson Surgery Center to streamline inefficient processes.

Since deploying One Medical Passport, approximately 80 percent of the center’s patients go online to complete their medical histories. The center attributes the high adoption rate to the systems’ ease of use and convenience. Now, nurses simply verify the information patients provided online is correct. Online pre-admissions has reduced call times by 15 minutes per call. The center estimates an annual savings of $24,000 as it is able to close its pre-admissions testing department earlier each day due to much quicker phone calls.

“With One Medical Passport we have been able to greatly streamline our pre-op process. By reducing the length of time our nurses spend on the phone with patients, we have been able to save more than $24,000 a year in staffing costs.” –Vicki Edelman, RN -Jefferson Surgery Center

Additional benefits since deploying One Medical Passport include consistent, legible health histories where bad hand-writing doesn’t hinder an entire process. Plus, the staff has the ability to quickly view any surgery date to see at-a-glance which patients have completed their history online because of the built in scheduling interface with Advantx.

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