Mnet adds critical interpretation services for over 200 languages to its call center capability, as caseload increase becomes the new normal for surgical centers.

ALISO VIEJO, CALIFORNIA, August 12, 2020 — Mnet Health (‘Mnet’), the leader in surgical revenue cycle management has announced the addition of over 200 languages to its call center capability in order to help patients pay.

Mnet has always had multilingual customer service agents. But with the addition of critical interpretation services of over 200 languages to its call center capability, Mnet is now better able to deliver its benchmark of significantly increasing monthly self-pay collections by as much as 40-100% while creating an outstanding financial experience for patients than ever before.

Since the onset of the current pandemic, patients are now preferring their surgeries be done at ASCs rather than hospitals so that they don’t need to stay overnight. Third-party payers are also increasingly directing surgical cases toward outpatient facilities due to lower infection risk, improved efficiency, and reduced costs.
With an estimated 4 million elective surgeries canceled in the US at the height of the pandemic, there is a tremendous backlog awaiting rescheduling and many of these patients are self-pay.

Helping patients pay by removing language barriers and communicating in their native tongue can provide an outstanding patient experience resulting in a more efficient revenue cycle and better collections outcome. “We’ve learned that patients are better able to resolve their medical bills when everything is explained in their native tongue, and thus have a better experience,” says David Hamilton, CEO of Mnet Health.

Mnet specializes in concierge patient financial services for patients needing surgery. Mnet’s call center interpreters are experienced and well-trained in translating for medical patients over the phone, ensuring that facts — including those relating to financial responsibility — are rightfully translated to the patient.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 67 million U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home. In America’s five largest cities, 48 percent of residents now speak a language other than English at home. The top languages with more than a million speakers in the US include Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Arabic, French, and Korean.

Using its suite of payment solutions, Mnet has helped millions of patients pay their medical bills. Over the years, Mnet has been known for “helping patients pay” with over $1 billion in managed patient balances. This is why well over 700 surgical facilities across the United States have partnered with Mnet Health to handle their patient revenue cycle.

Communicating with patients in their primary language helps build a trusting relationship with their surgical centers as it shows that providers are respectful of their diverse patient population.

About Mnet Health

We believe every patient deserves a helpful, transparent, easy to navigate financial experience in healthcare.

Mnet is the premier revenue cycle management & technology provider to the surgical industry. We provide custom patient-pay solutions to surgical hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. As of 2020, Mnet Health partners with over 700 surgical facilities nationwide and is the preferred vendor of both United Surgical Partners International (USPI) and Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA) – both directly with and in support of centralized billing offices.

Mnet’s custom brand, PaySUITE, is a white-labeled payment technology platform that helps surgical facilities and their providers grow their business by helping patients pay. Mnet’s patient-pay solutions significantly increase self-pay collections while creating a better financial experience for patients. For more information, visit

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