It has become a popular move for ASCs to implement a Patient Engagement solution, especially in these unprecedented times. Communication and interaction with patients and their family members can’t happen the way they used to. Here are a few reasons why a patient engagement solution is a great idea.

A patient engagement solution allows you to send automated and individualized messages to your patients. You can tailor this messaging to be specific to procedures, physician protocol, COVID-19 policies, and even specific patient needs. For example, you can have all of your patients confirm their appointment, then send NPO messages that are specific to their procedure or physician. With this enhanced communication, patients will arrive at your facility feeling completely prepared. This means less cancellations for your facility due to NPO non-compliance, missed voicemails, and other communication break-downs.

You can also save your nurses time by eliminating routine phone calls. For example, if your patients respond to your post-op questionnaire, your nurses can then target only the patients that responded with a complication or other concern.

Finally, you can create communication that is done on the fly. Easily remind patients of their co-pay, let patients know the office will be closed due to inclement weather, etc. Better communication means better care for your facility.