When looking across the United States, it might be easy to overlook Oklahoma City when thinking about a place to build a new call center hub.  OKC is just a two-hour drive from Dallas/Fort Worth; not just the big city, but a giant city really…and when you talk about call center jobs in healthcare, it might be easy to see it as the natural choice.  That is, of course, until you give a little thought to what it is that you’re looking for in potential employees.

At Mnet, we wanted very professional candidates who would give our patients a first-class experience when it comes to paying for their medical services.  OKC has a huge population of extremely professional candidates.  We wanted a workforce that had an extremely high standard of ethics; we found that OKC has many candidates with a superior level of work ethics who hold themselves to the highest level of accountability possible.  We also wanted to build a hub in a place where potential candidates would fit into our culture, which is known as “Happy, Honest, Humble and Hungry.”  OKC as a city really seems to identify with all our four main attributes for a great cultural fit.

We have found that most of the people we have met from OKC have a friendly, southwestern attitude and are very easy to talk to.  Graciousness seems to be a given and those that we have met have been very kind and helpful to us (and those we have hired have gone on to be both kind and gracious to our patients as well).  We also really appreciate that the OKC style of speech has a bit of a southern drawl because this style of speaking is very disarming to our patients and lets them know that our representatives are willing to and even happy to spend some time with them and work through their issue.

Another draw for us to Oklahoma City is that the cost of living is a bit less there than it is in some of the bigger cities throughout the country.  As a company, we still pay the same wages that we would pay at our headquarters in California, so, this means that employees of our hub are making more money to start out with than they might at other local companies and have the opportunities to make greater bonuses and commissions.

A higher pay schedule can mean a higher standard of living for those working in our OKC hub and although money doesn’t buy happiness, it can definitely make living a little easier, and this is one of our favorite things about our hub in OKC; people can make decent money and have a better quality of life.  Our full-time employees also qualify for a full benefits package with medical, dental and vision as well a group 401k program that all are encouraged to join.

So, to review, why did Mnet choose Oklahoma City when we were looking at an area to build a hub?  We wanted candidates who were highly professional and who held themselves to a higher ethical standard.  We wanted candidates who fit into our culture; people who were happy, honest, humble and hungry as well.  We needed people who were friendly, kind and easy to talk to and also wanted representatives who could speak graciously to our patients and also had a disarming style of speech and who were willing to take the time to help each patient with their individual issue as well.

Lastly, we wanted to pick an area with a less expensive cost of living so that the wages we pay would help our representatives to have a higher quality of life.  We have certainly found that all our requirements have been met by opening a hub in Oklahoma City.  We really couldn’t be more pleased with our new hub and are so grateful that we’ve been welcomed with open arms.

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