Innovations Surgery Center (ISC) in Rockville, MD is a surgery center that is dedicated exclusively to GYN procedures. Their innovative techniques keep even the most complicated procedures to a minimally invasive level. They are known for their exceptional patient outcomes and revolutionizing female health procedures.

Even the greatest surgery centers around analyze their processes and decide what is working well and what isn’t. Innovations Surgery Center realized patients were unhappy with pre-op paperwork and many didn’t understand why their medical history couldn’t be transferred over from a clinic that was nearby. It was obvious they needed an efficient way to make the pre-op process less stressful for the patients and nurses involved.

One Medical Passport’s pre-admission solution was the light at the end of the tunnel. ISC implemented the software and soon had patients filling out their medical passports as they found the time. This information was updated real-time on the facility’s end as well, making much less clerical work for nurses and allowing them to spend more time with patients.

Staff at ISC found that our solution has created an improved pre-admission process and provided their facility with a manageable means of collecting patient information and medical histories without causing extra stress for the patients and nurses involved. It allows patients to fill in the required information when it is convenient for them, keeping them relaxed and at ease on the day of their procedure. Staff no longer has to worry about resistance due to too much paperwork and is able to spend quality time with patients that require extra care.