Getting top talent in the door of your ASC is among the most critical priorities. However, the landscape of recruitment is changing. A recent survey found that 20% of ASC leaders planned to retire in the next three years. And replacing these leaders is becoming harder and harder, as many young surgeons are recruited directly after residency to large practices or hospitals. What can you do to recruit and retain top talent?

Boost employee engagement 

One strategy to boosting recruitment is by improving your word-of-mouth referrals. Consider the state of your current staff. Do they have strong engagement? Do your leaders listen to their concerns? Do they feel confident in your facility’s outcomes and patient experience rates? You may even consider implementing a referral bonus for current employees.

Create a welcoming environment

Retaining top employees starts the moment a new staff member walks through your front doors. Make sure you have a clear protocol in place for training and onboarding. Will their workspace be ready on day one? Place a high priority on building relationships with all staff members. And this goes for all employees, from your nursing staff to your surgeons to your housekeepers.

Make their lives easier 

An efficient workflow can significantly improve your employee’s day-to-day life. Evaluate your processes of charting, scheduling, and communicating with patients. Do staff have to complete charting redundantly? Or do they have a streamlined, digital process that auto-populates and saves time? Do they spend hours on follow-up calls with patients? Or is there a process for automated follow-up and reminders? Investing in high-quality digital solutions can directly impact your employee satisfaction and retention.

Conduct evaluations for employee retention

Continually evaluating your results is the only way to know what is or isn’t working at your ASC. Conduct evaluations regularly with all employees. Especially consider scheduling a check-in with new employees at the 60- or 90-day mark. Collect feedback regarding orientation and onboarding and ask for suggestions for improvement.


How can you further invest in your ASC employees?

Once you have an engaged workforce, consider this. What can you do to help them grow professionally? Are there continuing education opportunities available? If an employee is interested, consider what roles they could take on, such as assisting with regulatory compliance or credentialing. Investing in your staff is one of the best steps you can take toward better employee retention.