Transitioning from paper records to cloud software offers multiple advantages to your ASC. Records are more secure, efficiency is increased, paperwork is minimized, problems with misfiling and lost forms are eliminated, and you no longer have to store vast amounts of paper. Despite the many advantages of ASC cloud software, staff can be resistant to the change. In a hectic Ambulatory Surgery Center, individuals may resist changing the way they’ve been doing things for years. How do you get your staff on board with a change from paper to cloud software solutions?

Get Staff Input When Choosing Cloud Software

Once you’ve decided to move from paper records to cloud software, be sure to get your staff’s input into what features are most important to them. Nursing staff, administrative staff, and surgeons will all have different points of view. Knowing what is most important at every level will ensure you choose a solution that works for every stage of patient care.

Prepare a Timeline

Moving from paper-based records to fully digital software takes time. There is no way to magically shift from one form of record-keeping to a dramatically different one overnight. For some practices, an all-at-once approach may make sense. For others, a phased conversion will work better. No matter which method you move forward with, encourage staff to actively work towards a successful implementation process. This minimizes resistance to the shift and allows them time to get used to navigating the new system.

Create a Conversion Team

Some facilities see huge success through setting a conversion team in place. This team is then in charge of overseeing the move from paper to cloud software. They will ensure that all staff members understand the new system, follow up with the software vendor if there are questions, and generally make sure the conversion goes smoothly. If you go this route, choose team members from each discipline so everyone on staff has a point of contact.

Seek Out Training

This is the most crucial aspect of moving from paper to cloud storage of records. Software is most efficient when your staff is adequately trained to use it. There is always a learning curve with new software, so look for software that offers in-depth training or how-to videos. These resources are excellent for quick answers on the fly.

One Medical Passport offers complete cloud software solutions for Ambulatory Surgery Centers, including staff training, full technical support, and a dedicated project manager for every conversion. When you are ready to move your ASC from mountains of paperwork to state-of-the-art cloud software solutions, we will work with you to provide a smooth and successful transition for you, your staff, and your patients.