As more consumers turn to surgery centers as a convenient and cost-effective alternative to hospitals, ASCs are expanding their list of offerings, adding procedures such as full joint replacements and spinal surgeries

As demand increases for these types of procedures, it is essential for facilities to have the proper digital solutions in place to meet growing patient expectations. An ideal technology partner can unify the entire patient journey, from gathering accurate patient health histories, providing pre-visit education, planning, and documentation, to the clinical experience and post-operative recovery, all the way to a transparent financial experience. 

Patients who feel supported throughout their entire journey are more likely to leave positive reviews, which helps with new patient awareness and acquisition, and long-term loyalty for additional surgical needs. Here’s how emerging technologies can enhance your ASC’s patient experience:

Patient Selection & Preparation:

A thorough medical history evaluation is crucial to determine if patients qualify for the procedure they are seeking to schedule at your facility. Oftentimes, this occurs manually, through laborious phone calls and paperwork. Instead, facilities can implement software that reduces burden on staff by asking qualifying questions to determine if patients are candidates for requested procedures. These technology solutions offer a complete summary of a patient’s health and any medical issues, and flag areas that need follow-up.  

Once a patient is approved, it is time to prepare them for their surgical procedure, such as sending appropriate instructions regarding dietary restrictions, prescription medications, what to expect the day of the procedure, and what they need to bring to their appointment. Many ASCs are turning to automated software to send pre-op text messages or emails to patients that include all of this information, including reminders about appointments and outlining what they need to do before surgery.

Patient Education & Tracking is Crucial 

The fear of the unknown can have a negative impact on patients leading up to and following a procedure. If patients don’t understand the details of a procedure, they are less likely to have a positive outcome. To counter this, it is important to provide patients with clear communication and education, including videos and detailed instructions, so they better understand what to expect before and after surgery. Having the correct information reduces stress for patients, resulting in more positive surgical outcomes.

Patient tracking should also be built into the patient education process. Tracking patients seamlessly from check-in to recovery can avoid delays in informing patients’ families about their progress. Installing patient tracking boards and software at your ASC improves flow and keeps the patient care team informed and up to date, eliminates bottlenecks, and reduces the need for staff to run back and forth.

Lastly, post-surgical communication with patients should not be overlooked. For example, deploying short questionnaires can help your organization celebrate wins, refine its process, and continually improve upon the patient experience. Sending automated emails or texts a few weeks after a procedure can reveal what your practice does best, and where there is room for improvement from a patient perspective.

Offer a Seamless Post-Op Experience

Although the clinical patient experience is vital, some ASCs make the crucial mistake of overlooking many aspects of the post-operative journey, including key financial details. This can be extremely costly as providers expand services, many of which carry higher costs than other procedures. It is important to remember that patients who are aware of their financial responsibility ahead of time are much more likely to pay their medical bills, reducing uncertainty and pressure on ASC operators. Oftentimes, patients forget to make a payment or are not aware that they still owe money to the ASC. Healthcare providers that explain financial responsibility to patients will be more attractive because patients try to avoid hidden unmanageable costs.  

A Vibrant Patient Experience Builds Staff Morale 

A seamless patient journey can support the staff experience as well and reduce staff burnout. This is crucial, as thin workforces at ASCs and other healthcare organizations contribute to a range of issues, including delays in billing and care and spikes in episodic cost of care. In addition, staffing issues create  concerns about risk to patient safety standards and quality of care. To help support existing staff and reduce the burden of manual entry and time-consuming outbound calls for patient reminders, SaaS solutions can help your ASC to run smoothly, even when staffing levels are sub-optimal.

Technology Upgrades That Position You for Future Growth

ASCs must ensure that they provide exceptional care in line with the often lengthy and challenging procedures they perform. If your ASC has recently added more procedures, your technology must be updated to meet patient needs and provide the best possible care. Although this requires an initial investment, we are here to help your facility reach its full potential. Deploying solutions like Medical Passport, Engage and Payments benefit ASCs by improving efficiencies and patient outcomes, and accelerating growth for years to come 

Ready to learn more? Listen to how your peers are empowering their patients to participate in their healthcare experience! 

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