Prior to discovering One Medical Passport, Gunnison Valley Hospital struggled with an inconsistent document submission process. All of the hospital’s documents were sent via fax; orders, consents, history & physical forms, and even results. When missing documentation on the day of surgery became constant, it was clear this outdated faxing process was no longer working for Gunnison Valley. They decided to move forward with two of our six solutions- Passport Documents and Passport Booking.

Passport Documents allows staff to easily scan and upload patient documents to our secure ASC software. This means easy access, simplified storage, and being able to quickly identify any missing pieces of patient information. Say goodbye to hours of phone calls regarding missing paperwork!

Passport Booking makes it easier for facilities to schedule cases. It eliminates the need to rely on faxing or phone calls for OR booking requests. Booking simplifies the process and assures these requests don’t get lost in the shuffle of your office by providing an easy to use, collaborative software.

Since deploying Passport Booking & Documents, the Gunnison Valley hospital has noticed incredible improvements in their day to day functions. Mike, an IT Project Manager at the facility, noted how thankful he is for their switch to 1MP software.

“The ‘journal’ function in Documents provides an indisputable audit trail as to what and when and who. We are very pleased this obstacle is gone. Keep up the great innovations your company is providing.” – Mike, IT Project Manager at Gunnison Valley Hospital

Gunnison Valley Hospital now completely avoids the back-and-forth phone calls requesting missing paperwork and the finger-pointing that came along with the processing issues they had.

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