Joe Rousseau, the technical support analyst for One Medical Passport talks best practices for technical support for ambulatory software. He explains the top three things that you can do to help expedite technical issues in the help desk or ticket system to get issues resolved for you. Our earlier blog discusses that a ticket system and a company-based technical support group is an important security measure that an ambulatory software company should have in place.

The first tip we’ll discuss is giving examples when you find an issue. If the issue is consistent on each patient or document, it’s a system-wide issue. If it’s only happening for a select few instances, then a screenshot or specific example of the issue can help technical support to figure out a solution quickly for you.

Our second tip is to try to know when updates to your systems are happening. With the integrations that many ambulatory surgery centers have, sometimes updates can have a larger effect. If you can, keep a record of the timing of the change or when the issue occurred. You might not know what changed; but, having an idea of when an issue arose can give technical support a good idea of what to look for and when to look for it.

Our third tip: give us all the information! If you have an error code or an error message, give us that exact message in your support desk ticket. A screenshot is even better. Basically, technical support wants to see what you’re seeing, so that the team can work with you and/or your other vendors to immediately fix an issue.

In summary, the top three things that help technical support are: patient examples, if you can tell us when the issue stop working or if you can give us an error message.