One Medical Passport is pleased to announce the first round of their new initiative to help celebrate the unrecognized heroes in outpatient surgery: The Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Heroes Program. In every Ambulatory Surgery Center, there are workers who go above and beyond, and truly make an impact on people’s lives. One Medical Passport’s clinical-based team understands that the hard work and sacrifices of many ASC staff often goes unnoticed due to the fast-paced, stressful environment of an ASC. The Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Heroes Program was created to recognize, celebrate, and reward these remarkable ASC professionals. 

“I want to give back to the ASC community that we’ve worked arm-in-arm with for more than 20 years. I’m excited to announce that we created our first ever Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Heroes Program”, said Stephen Punzak, MD, CEO of One Medical Passport. “As a practicing anesthesiologist, I’ve watched my colleagues overcome incredible challenges and obstacles while going above and beyond their role, and it’s gone unnoticed and unrecognized. We created the Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Heroes Program to celebrate these unsung heroes.”

One Medical Passport is looking for stories about nurses, surgical techs and other ASC staff who have gone above and beyond their role and simply done amazing things. Think about the people at your ASC who are truly remarkable. Maybe it’s the single mom scrub tech who puts herself through college to get her nursing degree, the janitor who takes exceptional pride in his/her job and works all night, every night, to make sure that the facility is gleaming and spotless when the first patients arrive at 0600 the next morning, or the nurse who goes on medical missions every year to help the less fortunate — every ASC has an Everyday Hero.

How to Nominate your ASC Everyday Hero

Starting August 10, 2020, One Medical Passport will be accepting Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Hero nominations. To nominate your ASC’s Everyday Hero, simply visit, fill out and submit the form.

We will recognize and reward the Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Hero Top 10 Contestants. The program’s panel of judges will help to select one lucky winner to receive the following:

  • $2,500 cash prize to the Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Hero
  • $2,000 to the charity of the Hero’s choice
  • $500 to buy lunch for the Hero’s ASC

Visit for contest updates, rules and more information.

About One Medical Passport

One Medical Passport is an ASC solutions company with a simple and powerful idea: We deliver the best end-to-end patient experience for Ambulatory Surgery.

1MP delivers the most innovative solutions across the entire Ambulatory Surgery clinical workflow. Our solutions are cloud-based, supported by an amazing team of clinically trained and dedicated professionals, and recognized by ASC industry leaders as “the innovators.” The 1MP surgical platform includes clinical workflow driven communications, paperless-digital patient registration, access to payments, vendor management, and video, all engineered to enable the Surgery Center to deliver optimal care in the most safe and efficient way. We have built and hold the technology patent as the first ASC patient engagement portal and remain fiercely committed to advancing the technology that allows you to deliver the most safe and innovative care.