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Recovering From Adverse Events In Your ASC

Even the best Ambulatory Surgery Centers face moments of adversity. When adverse events occur, your ASC's recovery will hinge on several factors, including the resiliency of your employees and how your facility handles these events internally.

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How to Avoid Revenue Cycle Outsourcing Mistakes

In today's evolving healthcare landscape, healthcare providers are under intense pressure to reduce spending while improving care quality and revenue cycle outsourcing has the potential to significantly decrease costs and increase efficiency. However, there can be pitfalls if providers don't pick the right partners. What's the best way to find the right vendor/partner?

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3 Tips for Working with RCM Partners to Handle Self-Pay Patients

Patient balances present one of the most significant challenges in healthcare especially for surgery centers. With ever-rising costs, ASC's see an increase in the number of patients with high deductible insurance plans. Studies show patient obligations have increased by almost 30 percent since 2015 and many are finding it difficult to pay off their medical bills. How should my center approach this problem?

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Employer-Based Insurance Premiums Create Growing Burden for Families

An ever growing number of consumers are doling out more of their paychecks for healthcare premium contributions through their employer insurance plans. The cost of employer health insurance premiums and deductibles continues to outpace growth in wages which is concerning because it can put coverage and healthcare of of reach for the people who need it most. Click to read more.

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Webinar Highlights

This on-demand program is approved for 1.0 hour of AEUs by BASC Provider #0242.

Webinar Highlights - Jun 2022

Webinar: ASC Administrator's Guide to Success

Healthcare Consumerism Webinar Highlights - Jan 2022

How Healthcare Consumerism Will Impact Your Surgical Facility in 2022

Live + On-Demand Webinar | October 26th, 2023

How to Prevent Cancellations Related to GOP-1 Agonists

Our October 26th webinar will answer questions such as:

  • What are GOP-1 drugs?
  • How and why are they used?
  • Why this drug is important in the surgery setting?
  • What we can do to help facilities determine if a patient is taking a GOP-1 Agonist.
  • What we can do to help facilities communicate with a patient regarding when to stop the drug prior to surgery.

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