Text-to-pay experience meets consumer’s expectations for contactless payments amidst the new normal.

ALISO VIEJO, CALIFORNIA — JUNE 18, 2020 — Mnet Health, the leading end-to-end payment solutions, and patient billing services provider in the surgical industry, has announced its innovative contactless payment solution as part of its mission to help patients pay.

Contactless payment solutions like text-to-pay (SMS payments) have been on the rise even before Covid-19, but surgical facilities and patients now see them as essential. The current pandemic has spurred the demand for contactless solutions as patients worry about the health risks associated with handling cash and using shared devices like EMV terminals. Even after social distancing restrictions lift, experts predict contactless payments will be here to stay.

Consumers are now becoming increasingly wary of traditional modes of payment like swiping a credit card and using keypads or touchscreen surfaces that are being used by the public.

Many surgery centers across the U.S. have resumed elective surgeries, and the need to make their processes as contactless as possible have logically come to the fore. Contactless payments like text-to-pay can be made anytime, anywhere, and do not require a point‐of‐sale (POS) terminal.

Health risks are not the only thing that patients are worried about. The unemployment situation due to Covid-19 has also affected the finances of many patients. Thus, surgery centers need to work on ways to accommodate patients who may need more financial flexibility in the coming months.

Patients need more than just an online bill pay option. They need a variety of other financial services such as contact-free payment plans and financing. The most efficient approach for contactless payment is through SMS as 97% of Americans use their mobile phone’s texting feature at least once a day (Pew Research Center).

Mnet’s SMS platform is designed to deliver all patient financial services — everything from payment in full to pay-plans and financing all neatly offered in a text experience. Enabling text-to-pay experiences helps consumers feel in control over their finances and creates a better patient experience.

Text billing and payments are convenient and instantaneous. It’s a win-win for both surgery centers and patients. With a text billing solution, surgical facilities eliminate much of the collection process and get a more cost-effective alternative to paper billing. Providers will be able to send a secure link that allows their patients to pay, eliminating both security and contamination risks.

For patients, adopting effective, contactless billing and payment options will keep them safe, engaged, and informed. “For some time now, we’ve seen that patients are ready to take their payment options to a mobile experience. But, the Covid-19 pandemic has made doing so even more essential,” says David Hamilton, CEO of Mnet Health.

Over the years, Mnet has been known for “helping patients pay” with over $1 billion in managed patient balances.

With well over 700 surgical facilities across the U.S. using its payment solutions, Mnet has helped millions of patients pay their medical bills. Surgical facilities leverage Mnet Health’s suite of patient financial services, enabling them to treat more patients who otherwise may not have been able to afford services.

Mnet Health services many of the most recognizable and largest ambulatory surgery center chains in the country such as United Surgical Partners International and Surgical Care Affiliates.

Finding innovative ways to communicate with patients and help them pay has now become a top priority for many surgery facilities. To withstand the pandemic and ensure future growth, many providers are now making use of the latest contactless payment solutions with Mnet as their partner for success.

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