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Our Patient Support Specialists are all revenue cycle trained, experienced, and HIPAA compliant. Due to our ability to integrate into your HIS or EHR, our specialists can view detailed information on your patients and answer any complicated healthcare insurance or billing question. 95% of questions we receive by patients are answered at the very first point of contact. If a question is more complex, our specialists research the question and provide a timely answer to the patient without having to make them hold or wait on the call for it to be researched.

We seamlessly integrate with many health information systems and EHRs and also build custom reporting, file transfers, data exchanges, and full auto-posting.

Our Patient Support Specialists are ready to answer patient calls Monday through Sunday with weekday hours of 8am to 9pm EST and weekend hours of 9am to 4pm EST, providing time for your patients to call off work. We have less than 1 minute hold times which means your patients do not need to waste their time waiting on hold. Our outbound patient support specialists call within the client-agreed time interval and we reach over 90% of our clients’ patient bases.

One Mnet Health provides a dashboard/portal in which you can see anything and everything happening with your patient balances. You can track patient A/R recovery and view the different statuses of a patient’s balance. All phone calls are recorded and all statements are located in our portal as well. Our goal is 100% transparency. These are your patients and we want to provide you and them with the best support possible.

One Mnet Health provides the widest variety of payment methods and options in the industry. Patients can pay through our call centers, Patient Billing Portal, MobilePay, Text-to-Pay, and simply mailing in a payment. In addition, we take all forms of electronic credit card and eCheck payments including ApplePay and GooglePay. We make it easy for your patients to select the method and type best suited to their needs.

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Engage messages are completely customizable and can be changed at any time. Our team will work with you to understand your goals and then set up those unique messages. They will also share best practices of what other similar centers are using.

All patient communication is logged in an easy to view dashboard. Our system interfaces with your scheduling system, and you can easily see all communication to patients by date of service or date of message sent.

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Medical Passport

Are you integrated with my health information system?

What are your call center hours?

Are your call agents knowledgeable about medical bills?

Do I have insight into what the One Mnet Health team is doing?

How can patients pay their bill?

We have an older population of patients. Would this technology work for us?

One Mnet Health solutions were designed to be easy-to-use. We provide user support for those that do need extra help. Out of more than 13 million Medical Passports created by patients, about 1 in 3 of those patients were 65 years and older. If someone is not computer savvy, many times a caregiver or family member will help them to create a Medical Passport. Plus, there is a built-in nursing portal to quickly create a Medical Passport for a patient that has not, allowing you to manage 100% of your patient volume with Medical Passport.

Also, we can really help to broaden the circle of care and allow that same person to receive the important instructions like appointment reminders, pre-op instructions, what not to do, as well as post-op care instructions on behalf of the patient.

General FAQ's

You can blend our technology into your workflow to whatever degree you would like. With nurses not being on the phone all the time, it allows them more time to interact with patients in person on the day of surgery when it really matters most.

Medical Passport

Your staff can still certainly call to follow up with patients regarding their Medical Passport information if they’d prefer; but, instead of being a lengthy interview, it is a short 2–3-minute review because you have all the history in front of you, which allows for much more-focused calls with the patient.

Plus, you can review the patient history, as well as any high-risk flags, in advance so you are able to triage the clinical time and spend the right time with those patients requiring closer review.


Engage is a great way to provide a personal touch by making it easy for folks to receive custom text and email messages reminding them of all the instructions for an upcoming procedure and giving them an easy way to refer back to a note instead of trying to remember everything they might have been told in a phone call. They could also have a family member or caretaker receive the messages and broaden the circle of care.


Our Payments solution brings personalization full circle by keeping patients in the loop regarding what they owe and giving them flexible payment options that make sense for their specific situation.

No. Our messages go out as a simple text and/or email to the patients. There are no special apps the patient must download in order to receive the messages.

We use Amazon Web (AWS) as our data center. AWS was chosen to ensure our critical applications and data are secure and highly available. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Our site was designed in AWS to meet HIPAA compliance guidelines.

Centers using our solutions report back substantial reductions in:

The nursing time for the pre-admission calls
Handwriting assessment history and assessment forms that we auto-populate
Delayed and cancelled procedures
Communication with surgeons’ offices with missing or incomplete booking detail and required documents
Our clients tell us the time our solutions can give back to a surgery center ranges from 15-60 minutes per case depending upon the solutions they have. That equates to a substantial amount of clinical time that could be redeployed for patient care and really help with staffing.

We make it easy to get set up and you can be up and running as quickly as you’d like. You will have an experienced Project Manager who will guide you and your staff through set up and training. The Project Manager will work at your pace and be your key contact and source of support as you make the transition to using our solutions. Along the way, they will share best practices on how other centers are successfully using the solutions. Once you are up and running, you will then work with a Customer Success Manager. Their focus is to ensure our solutions are a success at your center and provide ongoing support throughout the lifetime of our relationship. Plus, we have a Knowledge Base filled with easy-to-follow videos and tips.

We support your patients! We have specialized support teams that are dedicated solely to patient or clinical staff assistance from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends. Our clinically focused support team is always unlimited and always included at no cost to you.

Our pricing depends on the solution or solutions you need. We are more than happy to provide an analysis of your current process and performance and show you what One Mnet Health can deliver. If we cannot significantly improve your current state, then we will tell you. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results for you and your patients. To learn more or to speak to someone further, click here to submit a request to our team and we will respond as soon as we are able.

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